An Introductory Guide to SHAZAM

By Diana Whistler

PART I - Learning the Basics

A Brief History of SHAZAM

Data file
Commands   SAMPLE, READ, GENR and more
Comment statement
Program (command file)
Output file
Memory   PAR
Error messages
Rounding errors

Getting Started
How to Run SHAZAM
Using SHAZAM as a Calculator

Mean, Variance, Median, Quartiles
Covariance and Correlation
Computing Probabilities for Normal Random Variables
Simulation Experiments
More Data Analysis

PART II - Practicing Econometrics

Ordinary Least Squares
Ordinary Least Squares Regression
Comparing linear vs. log-linear models
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Estimation with restrictions

Special Topics
Working with lagged variables
Using trend variables
Dummy Variables - Modelling structural change, seasonality and more

Diagnostic Testing
Testing for Heteroskedasticity
Testing for Autocorrelation
Testing for Structural Stability - the Chow Test

Generalized Least Squares
Estimation of models with Heteroskedastic errors
Estimation of models with Autoregressive errors
Pooling Time-Series Cross-Section Data
Sets of Linear Equations - SUR Estimation

Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Logit and Probit Analysis
ARCH and GARCH Models

Time Series Analysis
Index Numbers
Moving Averages and Exponential Smoothing
Financial Time Series