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The GENR command will create new variables from old ones and do a variety of data transformations. The SAMPLE command in effect defines the observation range used in GENR commands.

In general, the format is:

GENR newvar = f(oldvars)

The following mathematical operators may be used: addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(*), division(/), exponentiation(**).

The following comparison operators may be used: .EQ.,.NE.,.GE.,.GT.,.LE.,.LT.(relations).

The following logical operators may be used: .NOT.,.AND.,.OR.

Operators are listed according to priority-level. Unary functions are first priority.

The available unary functions are:

ABS(x), DUM(x), EXP(x), INT(x), LAG(x), LAG(x,n), LGAM(x), LOG(x), MAX(x,y), MIN(x,y), MOD(x,y), NCDF(x), NOR(x), SAMP(x), SEAS(x), SIN(x), SIN(x,-1), SQRT(x), SUM(x), SUM(x,n), TIME(x), UNI(x).