Reading Excel XLS files

Working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files

SHAZAM Professional Edition

Excel files can be imported via the Data Connector. The data set is added to the Workspace. A READ command is then not required to load the data set. In general, the use of READ commands in Pro is not recommended.

The steps are described in How to connect to local machine datasets eg. Excel,... under the help section Users Guide, Working with Data in the SHAZAM Pro online help.

Clicking the Add to Workspace button, the data will appear in your current Workspace under the folder called Data and the icon should that the data is set to be Automically Read in for you so that you don't need a READ statement.

If there is a need to edit, view or change the data, simply double click on the data files' entry in the Workspace and edit the items in cell. Users may also generate variables and make quick plots from this data editor.

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