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SHAZAM Installation on a Novell Network for Windows

This is only a guide since there are many Novell Networks and they may not all have the same features.

(1) Login as supervisor and install from the CD. When the prompt for a destination folder is given, click on the "Browse" button to set an appropriate folder.

(2) Flag the files as shareable.
Note: With Novell 5.1 and later, you do not need to make any of the SHAZAM files shareable. All you need to do is install SHAZAM on the server and then make an icon for SHAZAM on each of the workstations. The file sharing problem seems to be an issue with earlier versions of Novell.

(3) Write access may be required for the files:


Note that users do not write to the above files. However, (with earlier versions of Novell) there is a known system bug that requires write access for these files.

(4) Users require write permission for temporary files. Users should have an environment variable called TEMP. The folder used by SHAZAM for temp files can be checked. Run SHAZAM and at the TYPE COMMAND prompt type:


This shows:
VTEMP - the folder for temp files.
VSYS - the folder for the SHAZAM software

(5) A starting file of SHAZAM commands can be prepared in the file


This file can be placed in the SHAZAM folder. If there is no CONFIG.SHA file in the SHAZAM folder the system will look for it in:


Some SHAZAM commands and options (for example, GRAPH) have an interface to the gnuplot software for the display of graphs. Gnuplot files are prepared with the extension .GNU. These files are written to the current working directory. This can be set in the CONFIG.SHA file. An example of a CONFIG.SHA file is:

* Set the current working directory

Users must have write access to the CONFIG.SHA file. Again, this is required because of a system bug. The file should be maintained by the network administrator.